Source of strength

Relax on holiday at Terme Merano/Therme Meran

Warm water, beneficial cleansing, relaxing massages

Would you like to visit the thermal baths in Merano/Meran on holiday? You can reach this feel-good attraction in the spa town in just under three quarters of an hour by car from our hotel in Val Passiria/Passeiertal. The best thing is: our guests receive a 10% discount off the price at Terme Merano/Therme Meran.

The thermal baths in Merano/Meran are impressive with 25 indoor and outdoor pools, various saunas, vast spa gardens, a spa and vitality area, medical spa, fitness centre and bistro.
The thermal baths in Merano/Meran are also an architectural highlight. The impressive glass and steel cube is the heart of the new spa grounds on the southern side of the Passirio/Passer river. The vast gardens are arranged so that one area is reserved exclusively for spa guests and another one is also open to the public. As a result, the park doesn’t just offer a tranquil spot in the middle of the city for visitors to the thermal baths but the locals from Merano/Meran and guest, too.